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Podiatrist designed orthotics

Precision-crafted, hand-finished orthotics. Made by podiatrists, for podiatrists


We are a team of podiatrists with a passion for making high quality orthotics.

Podiatrist designed

Get custom-engineered orthotics made with care and attention. We’ll help your patients achieve the perfect fit every time with our bespoke approach to custom made orthotics.


From the initial design right through to final quality inspection before delivery, our hands-on approach provides podiatrists with total peace of mind. All our devices are handmade and created to the highest quality standards - guaranteed.


Request that special order, or get that tricky question answered promptly. Our team of podiatrists and orthotic technicians are here for you when needed.


We’re here for you throughout the entire process, from prescription through to patient fitting. Speak to our in-house podiatrists for help and guidance on getting the best outcomes for even the most complex patient requirements.

Fast turnaround times

Hand-finished craftsmanship doesn’t have to take weeks - we’ll get your order shipped faster than expected! We work hard to provide excellent turnaround times while maintaining the highest possible quality.

Ongoing training

We are dedicated to the ongoing educational development of our team and our clinical colleagues. We have a complete open-door policy, allowing our prescribers to build a comprehensive understanding of our intricate manufacturing process.
Podiatrist diagnosing foot of patient

Solely for podiatrists

We’re here to support podiatrists in achieving the best possible patient outcomes. We do this by providing a 100% bespoke service, creating hand-finished orthotics that are built specifically for your patient’s needs.

Our friendly, passionate, biomechanically-minded podiatrists offer a completely customised orthotic design and manufacturing service, ultimately providing your patients with the best result.

Care and attention, every step of the way

We take a measured and thoughtful approach to every single orthotic we manufacture, from initial design to final packaging and delivery. Our team is made up of experienced clinical podiatrists just like you, we review every device with a critical eye to ensure that only the highest quality orthotics leave our lab.

This boutique approach combines digital manufacturing with extensive clinical experience, resulting in consistently accurate orthotic devices - and more satisfied patients for your podiatry practice.

Podiatrist biomechanics treadmill
Male running machine gait analysis

Cutting edge technology with a human touch

Basing devices on your patient’s actual foot rather than relying on measurements and standard sizes means we can finely contour devices for a comfortable and effective result.

We don’t use a ‘close enough’ manufacturing method based on arbitrary measurements and generic templates. Instead, our unique software aligns every part of the process - from casts to foam box impressions to digital scans - to precisely fit your prescription.

This meticulous design and modelling process sets the stage for pinpoint-accurate CNC technology to generate the exact shape from your material of choice. Forget computer generated arch contours and heel cups that don’t match the foot - we give you an incredibly accurate device, hand-finished with dexterity by caring technicians.

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