Podiatrist designed orthotics

Have the confidence in knowing your orthotics are designed and quality controlled by highly experienced podiatrists.

To ensure high quality and accurate devices, your orthotic prescriptions are always designed and checked by our experienced podiatrists.

From initial design, to final device inspection before delivery; we keep the entire manufacturing process of your orthotics all within our state of the art facility, to maintain the highest quality control of your order.

Request that special order, or get that tricky question answered promptly. Our team of podiatrists and orthotic technicians are here for you when needed.

Why podiatrists prefer Alliance Orthotics

We are a team of podiatrists with a passion for making high quality orthotics.

Alliance Orthotics is the result of a group of biomechanically minded podiatrists whom came together to establish an orthotics laboratory dedicated to making high quality orthotic devices, solely for podiatrists. With over 50-years combined podiatry experience, we know the importance of providing each every patient with the highest quality of care. We take the same approach to each and every orthotic device we manufacture, from initial design, to final packaging and delivery, we are committed to providing you with the only highest quality product. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Alliance Orthotics

510-536C High Street Penrith, New South Wales

02 4734 8301

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm